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“Thank you very much! You made the process easy for us and handled everything professionally and in a timely manner.”

Low Down Payment or Even No Down Payment is Possible

The home lending environment has gotten more difficult to navigate, but with the help of Nations Home Loans, you can still buy your dream home...

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HARP – Home Affordable Refinance Program

Many homeowner’s are unaware that they can still refinance even if their home is worth less than they owe. The HARP or Home Affordable Refinance Program was designed specifically for...

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Why You Shouldn’t Go With the Big Banks

In fact, if you go with your current big bank mortgage company you will probably get a far worse deal. The large banks have tremendous overhead and pass that cost on through higher rates for the consumer...

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What Our Clients Say

Casey went above and beyond in helping me through my loan process. I was denied my re-fi by a few other companies before, but Casey made it all work in my favor.